We embrace sustainability – or we embrace suffering

Imagine you are at a potluck buffet and you are the first in line. How do you know how much to take? Imagine that this potluck spread includes not just food and water, but also conrad plowingthe materials needed for shelter, clothing, healthcare and education. It all looks and smells so good – and you are hungry. What will you heap on your plate? How much is enough to leave enough for your neighbors behind you in the line?  Six billion people, shoulder to shoulder, form a line that circles around the globe to Cairo, on to Hawaii over ocean bridges, then back, and around the globe again, 180 times more. With plates in hand, they too wait in line, hearty appetites in place. And along with them are giraffes, manatees and spiders, untold millions of species, millions of billions of unique beings, all with the same lusty appetites. And behind them, the soon-to-be-born children, cubs, and larvae.  More from Jim Merkel by clicking on this link:

We are just damn lucky we can even have this conversation and think this globally!

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