Just. Too. Cute.

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  1. http://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/obama-phones-subsidy-program-draws-new-scrutiny-on-the-hill/2013/04/09/50699d04-a061-11e2-be47-b44febada3a8_story.html?wprss&google_editors_picks=true

    This article focuses on the rumor itself, rather than the perpetrator of the rumor. It does not even fully resolve the rumor! And it sidesteps the real issue: that there is a group – supported by uber-wealthy plutocrats that are controling the conversation. It’s not that hard to do with unlimited wealth. Yup, same old same old – follow the $ and it leads to the same type of group. No way to legally rout them out because they have so heavily tweaked the system (legsilatively) over the last several years.

    Live and enjoy each day to your fullest capability!

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