About The National Negawatt Exchange

TNNE Managing Director: Conrad Metcalfe

Conrad Metcalfe is an energy efficiency and sustainability geek who lived in an old-order Amish community for over 10 years to experience first-hand one of the world’s last sustainable cultures.  Actively seeking speaking engagements that focus on energy efficient and green building practices, market transformation, building science, sustainability, and benign cultural re-engineering efforts…

Conrad at the lake June 2020Conrad Metcalfe has 20+ years of extensive experience in development of building performance programs, and management of operational growth in newly emerging markets. He initiated and developed the Ithaca NY 2030 District to create a high-performance building district that is driving the community to meet the carbon reduction goals of the 2030 Architecture. He managed the Pennsylvania Home Energy program for the West Penn Power Sustainable Energy Fund, resulting in the creation of 193 new energy efficiency contracting businesses in a three-year period.  He helped roll out building modeling software nationwide while simultaneously working to lobby for EPA legislation that requires performance-based modeling to validate return on investment for energy efficiency work.  He has developed and facilitated technical training for network engineers at Cisco Systems, and created best practice protocols for Energy Analysts through the California Energy Commission.  Conrad has been a frequent presenter at conferences on sustainability and energy efficiency.

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