World Energy Council warns of “stark energy future”

Energy Efficiency is a critical element of environmental sustainability.  The signs that we are still not quite moving in this direction are everywhere.  For example:
According to the World Energy Council (WEC), the world will face several significant challenges in balancing global energy needs and addressing the energy trilemma over the next four decades. That is based on a three-year study conducted by more than 60 experts in 30 countries.

“While there will be opportunities in the future for a range of technology solutions, the ultimate issue is that demand continues to grow at an unsustainable rate,” said Karl Rose, senior director of policies and scenarios, WEC. “One of the most significant findings in the report is the strong regional variation of priorities and solutions in the energy system. Too often we look at the world as one entity and seek global solutions but the reality is very different and this needs to be recognized.”

Using two contrasting policy scenarios, the research found that total primary energy supply could increase by 61 percent by 2050 under one scenario and 27 percent under the other, highlighting the impact that choosing one policy solutions or the other can have on the energy sector.
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