I always knew the five-second rule was not a myth!

Some live by the belief that when you drop a bit of food on the floor, you get five-seconds before it’s rendered too disgusting to eat. Six-seconds? No way!  But for some reason five seconds has generally been accepted.

Biology students at Aston University in the UK monitored how quickly E.coli and common bacteria spread from surfaces to food such as toast (butter side down, no doubt), pasta and sticky sweets — with time being a significant factor in the transfer of germs.

Food picked up just a few seconds after being dropped is less likely to contain bacteria than if it is left for longer periods of time according to the findings.

More on this from the Herald Sun in Australia

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The energy transition tipping point is here NOW! (fossil fuels to renewables)

Underlying the abundance hype over tight oil, tar sands and other “unconventional” sources of liquid fuel has been a dirty little secret: They’re expensive… 

The soaring cost of producing oil has far outpaced the rise in oil prices as the world has relied on these marginal sources to keep production growing since conventional oil production peaked in 2005.


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A way to double the efficiency of solar is about to go mainstream!

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WOW – Carbon monoxide kills one, sickens 19 at Long Island restaurant

It doesn’t take long for Carbon Monoxide to take it’s toll on health and sometimes life.  This is why we cannot make a building energy efficient without checking the heating system first.  And THIS is why Building Analysts need BPI certification. 

A.J. Carter, spokesman for the Town of Huntington, said a fire marshal traced the poisonous odorless (and colorless) gas to a leaky flue of a restaurant’s heating system.

The issue was in the basement, where the manager – and later the assistant manager – were overcome.  The assistant manager remains hospitalized.

Read more from NYDailyNews.com

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Envelope Please

For energy efficiency, it’s important to address the building envelope before you change to a more efficient heating system – before you consider adding solar panels – even before you consider putting more insulation in the attic. Conrad Metcalfe presents to a large crowd at the Wild Center in Tupper Lake, New York.

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Gadget Watch: iPhone becomes infrared scanner!

FLIR Systems Inc. is launching its first consumer product, an iPhone jacket that contains a heat camera. Temperature differences show up in different colors on the screen. For instance, you can set it to show hotter things in yellow, medium-hot in red and cold in purple.FLIR phone jacket

The FLIR One will cost $349, which compares with $995 and up for FLIR’s professional thermal imagers. The resolution of the thermal image is low, but the jacket also contains a regular, visible-spectrum camera and overlays the images for a more detailed picture. The phone can record video or stills of the heat images.

Get more on this from AP News through MyWay.com by clicking here

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If you were just going to do ONE thing to reduce a home’s energy waste

…that one thing would be to air-seal the floor of the attic…

Attic Air Sealing

Homeowners ask me this question all the time.  The reason I suggest sealing the attic floor is because it’s not too difficult and it makes sense.  Heated air has a tendency to rise, and this can create pressure just underneath the floor of the attic.  If there are leakage points here, then conditioned air will be forced into the attic, also pulling in an equal amount of un-conditioned air from some other leakage points lower in the structure.  Sealing the floor of the attic eliminates this cycle.

Click here for a great video from the Wisconsin Energy Center on the most important aspects of this task…

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