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Energy Use In The US Still Growing Rapidly

Americans are using more and more energy every year, according to the most recent energy flow charts released by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Across the board, more energy of every type — everything from renewables, to fossil fuels, to nuclear … Continue reading

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I always knew the five-second rule was not a myth!

Some live by the belief that when you drop a bit of food on the floor, you get five-seconds before it’s rendered too disgusting to eat. Six-seconds? No way!  But for some reason five seconds has generally been accepted. Biology … Continue reading

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The energy transition tipping point is here NOW! (fossil fuels to renewables) Underlying the abundance hype over tight oil, tar sands and other “unconventional” sources of liquid fuel has been a dirty little secret: They’re expensive…  The soaring cost of … Continue reading

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FINALLY! A way to double the efficiency of solar is about to go mainstream!

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WOW – Carbon monoxide kills one, sickens 19 at Long Island restaurant

It doesn’t take long for Carbon Monoxide to take it’s toll on health and sometimes life.  This is why we cannot make a building energy efficient without checking the heating system first.  And THIS is why Building Analysts need BPI … Continue reading

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Envelope Please

For energy efficiency, it’s important to address the building envelope before you change to a more efficient heating system – before you consider adding solar panels – even before you consider putting more insulation in the attic. Conrad Metcalfe presents … Continue reading

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